Ann Manuel & Gisela Lindlau

Exhibition Statement

Ann Manuel and Gisela Lindlau have been drawn to each other’s work for years and have sought a way for their works to respond to one another in an intimate setting. This duo exhibition, entitled Heaven and Earth, will showcase organic forms sculpted in stone by Lindlau and large-scale drawings by Manuel, juxtaposing the solid, earth bound material of stone and sweeping imagery of transcendental air and sky. Lindlau has sculpted forms from black and white marble from Carrara, Italy, Greece and Spain. Manuel’s bold imagery of abstracted cloud formations transforming into nest motifs is created with intaglio inks, graphite, pastel, oil paint, graphite powder and more on mylar banners. Through abstract and organic imagery, works by Lindlau and Manuel express the shaping, powerful and devastating force of nature as well as the human experience of progressing through different stages of life. Works explore themes of growth and change, nature, spirituality and identity. Heaven and Earth will open on Friday, September 29 from 5-7pm and will be on view until October 21. Works will be dynamically installed in Sunbury Shores as though rising from the Earth and descending from the sky.