April 1-30th | Spectrum & Sharing Stories

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre Proudly Presents
Opening Reception: April 1, 2016 – 5:00 pm

Spectrum: NBCC Biennale is a group exhibition featuring works by New Brunswick Crafts Council Juried Members, curated by Bronwyn Gallagher. This exhibition will challenge the viewer to critically think about the effect colour has on their experience of a piece. It will also encourage viewers to consider how one piece affects the other, within the broad spectrum of design, technique, aesthetic and tradition. Spectrum features work by Aidan Stanley, A. Green Artist, Beth Biggs, Brigitte Clavette, Christopher Doiron Pottery, Darren Byers, Deborah Payne Fibre Arts, Surface Design, and Mixed Media, Denise Michaud, Erica Stanley of Queenstown Goldsmiths, Ghita Levin, Helen Stanley Pottery, Helga Lobb, Jennifer McInnis-Wharton Ceramic Artist, Judy Blake, Julie Rosvall, Kristen Bishop, Black Butterfly Studio, Maja Padrov,NRMiller- Original Fine Art, Rachel Morouney, Shoshi Designs, Susan Napper-LeDuc, Ted Boothroyd, Trish Raine Felting, Vita Plume and Jackie Bourque.

May 6-19th | Inspirations – Man Made & Human

Artist: Simone Ritter
Since early Childhood Simone Ritter has loved ‘creating’.  In 2000 she moved to St. Andrews from Germany and began painting.  She mainly works with watercolours but uses various other mediums as well. Her exhibition will feature boldly coloured paintings and figure sketches.  Her painings capture the stunning natural beauty and architecture of the Maritimes.  Her figure sketches were inspired by time spent in figure drawing workshops here at Sunbury Shores over the winter months. For her, painting has always been an incredible journey discovering a new dimension of the grandness of God’s creation. “Art is wonderful as it does not differentiate age, status, race, health, time and place. Art is there for everyone to enjoy!”

May 6-19 | Thinking With An Accent

Artist: Margarita Fainshtein
“Thinking with an accent”  I am from many places, and I have always wanted to belong, to have a place to call home. I have many cultural identities, which interact with each other and make me who I am. My practice investigates notions of Identity and Erasure and the intersection of these concepts when applied to cultural and generational crossings. Utilizing printmaking techniques and multi- generational family documents, I enlarge then layer these documents on top of one another. I fuse into the paper, the letters and documents from several generations, embossing them into the surface and binding them together. During this process I lose and abolish the patterns stamped into the official papers and erase the details, creating a new vibrant identity reminiscent of the mixed languages and cultures where my family lived. Some elements are still visible, while others are completely erased, forming something else. This obscuring creates a new unreadable, yet unified identity. Part of the inspiration for this work comes from my research into manuscript writing. A Palimpsest is a manuscript page, from which the text has been either scraped or washed off so that the page can be reused. The resulting installation consists of two acetate light poles, which interact with a floor based sculptural element inspired by these family documents and create shadows and reflections, asking questions about amorphous shapes of identities. I view my practice as a collaboration with past generations and with my own memories. Through this work I wonder if memories, when layered one upon another, become buried in the past or are there remains left from a former life, identity, or time. I try to discover if anybody can recuperate their own past and I question to what extent identity is truly unique or inherent.

May 20-30th | Children Learning at Sunbury Shores

Presented by: Children & Youth of Charlotte County

More Information Coming Soon.

June 3-30th | Making our Mark – Mentorship in Art

Artists: Theresa MacKnight & Claire Kelly, Colin Smith & Laura Roy, Ann Manuel & Ryan Livingston, Stephen May & Stephanie Weirathmueller, Jessie Babin & Jacquie Savoie, Herzl Kashetsky & Ms. Mozkhan

More Information Coming Soon.

July 8-29th | Oil & Water Re-Mixed

Artists: Elaine Wilson & Ted Michener

Ted Michener was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1941. He has painted since he was 8 years old, but his fine arts training consisted of six summers (as a teen-ager) at the Doon School of Fine Art near Kitchener, Ontario. He worked in various jobs including at the Stelco Steel Company which convinced him to pursue an alternative vocation. He then enrolled at the Ontario College of Art in Toronto in 1964. Upon graduation he worked many free-lanced jobs in Toronto and through his agent, Mendola Ltd. in New York, did countless advertising agency assignments. His illustrations and editorial cartoons appeared in and on the covers of T.V. Guide, The Globe & Mail, Macleans Magazine, The Financial Times, The Hamilton Spectator and The Toronto Star. Shortly after 1990 he moved to St. Andrews. He now has a beautiful barn-studio right on the ocean in the town. Elaine Wilson was born on the west coast of Scotland and immigrated to Canada when she was 9, living the next 8 years in a small town north of Toronto. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art, Elaine began work at a small design firm and worked her way up from there. Learning how to design and produce graphics such as letterheads, advertisements and printed piece layouts for interior and exterior designs in Toronto. After leaving a job at an art studio in Toronto Elaine took a trip to the east coast of Canada where she came across St. Andrews and now resides here permanently. Since then she has remained involved in the restaurant business and designs shapes, textures, colours and tastes for plates and menus. Elaine retains her love of graphics and does free lance work when time permits. She can be seen about the town carrying her tiny paint box and messing around in tidal pools.

July 8-29th | Circle and Green Series Artist: Sheri Larsen Circle Series came about after the birth of my daughter. About a year later, when I finally felt like working again, but wanted to do something cheerful. Being bright and happy in mood was a contrast to my common dark pieces. I had experienced a sort of ‘depression’ after having my daughter. I was worried in my depression that I was bringing a negativity into our world, by producing darker artwork, not necessarily dark in subject matter, but in color. A good amount of my previous completed art, found it’s way quickly to the curbside. When, I think of it now, with a clear mind, it is a very sad thing. Circles,  occurred to me. Bright, colorful, strong color. I wanted to put happy into the work. Like when I child blows bubbles, colorful candy perhaps, a rainbow in life. Thinking this way helped me to start my artwork once again. Most of my work starts with a concept in mind and then usually progresses into a more intuitive way of working on the piece. With the first painting completed, I realized it was the direction I should be heading in. It then became a series, as new pieces moved into completion. I am still working on them 2 years later. Green Series is about a feeling of nature, trees, garden, living on this planet along side of our beautiful nature. The lines, direction, flow, textures, nature in all it’s purity and goodness. Giving abundantly to all of us, in it’s simple beauty. If we should chose to take notice, care, respect. Green series, is not only about the color green itself, which I love, but about our nature that surrounds us. I love the various colors of green and what it has to offer us in it’s many forms. The freshness with a Spring time green, the warmth of a Summer green, and finally the muted goodbyes of Autumn. Some of the drawings and paintings are highly abstract, while others seem to achieve a more figurative style. While living in Charlotte County, a good amount of time is spent walking around the beautiful St. Andrews area. I am always highly inspired while there, and so my work reflects my feelings for the seaside. I work in a more realist style as well, and have created paintings of St. Andrews, the rocks and ocean using this way of seeing. At the same time enjoying the idea of allowing people, through a more abstract point of view, decide what they see, and feel, when viewing my work. Definitely something the ‘green series’ accomplishes.  


Aug 5th – Sept 3rd | Carved in Stone

Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre proudly presents Carved in Stone, an exhibit featuring 48 works from 22 artists from Atlantic Canada, France, Italy, and the USA. The exhibit opens on Friday August 5 with a reception from 5-7 pm and is open to visitors until September 3rd. It brings together the works from sculptors from New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, alongside work from the eight international artists participating in the Saint John Sculpture Symposium. This exhibit demonstrates the creativity of artists driven by their individual reactions to the stone they work with (e.g., alabaster, granite, marble, soapstone and many others in this exhibit). It also shows the use of complementary media to bring life to stone as an artistic ‘canvas’. This is the third sculpture exhibition to be held at Sunbury Shores. It follows two very successful sculpture exhibits in 2014 and 2000. Our recently renovated Centre provides a stunning setting for the exhibits being shown both within our galleries as well as on our deck. Everyone is invited to join our opening reception on Friday August 5th at 5pm. Come and meet the hard-working artists, look at and touch their work, and enjoy Sunbury Shores hospitality… all aimed at stimulating conversation and appreciation of the talent and nature around us! Sunbury Shores is located at 139 Water Street in Saint Andrews and is open Monday through Saturday 10m to 4pm.

Sept 9th – Oct 3rd | Carnegie Rughookers

Places We have Been: Journeys in Rughooking

Places We Have Been: Journeys in Rughooking is a broadly themed exhibit, conceived with the intention of encouraging each rughooker to create an original and personal work based on the memory of a passage or a place that is subjective and emotive. The journeys represented in this exhibit are literal and figurative, physical and spiritual. They are countries we have travelled to, places we have lived, passages in life and journeys of healing. We invite you to open your mind and let your spirit soar as you travel with us. Rughooking is a fibre art where strips of cut wool, yarn or fleece are pulled through the weave of burlap or linen backing. While the technique is quickly learned, refining the art can take years. The rughookers in this group have been hooking rugs for months or years or decades. Our mats and wall hangings are an expression of a love of fibre, texture, and colour, and a demonstration of the joy of taking the time to make something by hand that can be both practical and beautiful. The underlying objective of this show is to demonstrate that, as practical as they are, hooked rugs are also art…and we are artists. Carnegie Rughookers The Carnegie Rughookers, founded in September 2004, meet every Friday morning from 9:30am to 12:00pm at the Saint John Arts Centre to hook rugs. Members are of all ages, from many backgrounds and interests, and work in a variety of styles and techniques. The Rughookers named their group after Andrew Carnegie, benefactor of the construction of the Saint John Free Public Library, which was built in 1904 and is now the home of the Saint John Arts Centre.

The Birth of Venus (Tyler) by Jacob Jaso

Sept 9th – Oct 1st | Venus As A Boy by Jacob Jaso


Jacob Jaso [Ha-so] is a fiber/mixed media artist, from Austin, Texas: currently living and working in St. Stephen, NB, Canada. Jacob received his BFA: Studio Art, in 2015 from Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas: where five works remain in the university’s permanent collection. His work is currently exploring accepted and expected gender roles, as well as representing a divine masculine/Feminine.

Oct 7th | Nov 4th

Sunbury Shores Instructors Showcase

Please come and join us at Sunbury Shores for the Instructors Showcase Exhibition.  This celebrates the work and talent of 30 artists who are coming to teach courses at Sunbury Shores in the summer of 2017.

The exhibit comprises of a wide range of creative artwork from all forms of painting, drawing, printmaking and pottery to metalwork.  It also provides a golden opportunity for everyone to see the wonderful expertise coming to teach here and register for their courses before they start to fill up!

Featured Artists Include:

Jessie Babin, Poppy Balser, Brigitte Clavette, Kristyn Cooper, Sheryl Crighton, Jay Dampf, Maria Doering, Barbara Dorey, Jackie Doucette, Ruth Dunfield, Grant Fuller, Chantal Gilbert, Martha Johnson, Victoria Moon Joyce, Susan Lapides, Melissa LeBlanc, Theresa MacKnight, Michael McEwing, Ted Michener, Geordie Miller, Rachael Morouney, Claudia Munro-Kerr, Maja Padrov, Susan Patterson, Cathy Ross, Kath Rutherford, Helen Stanley, Alan Syliboy, Robert Van de Peer, Morag Walsh, Matt Watkins.

Low Tide by Gail Thompson

Nov 14th | Dec 17th

Annual Charlotte County Artists Exhibit

To celebrate our incredible local talent, Sunbury Shores will be exhibiting works by Charlotte County Artists all month long.  We look forward to your visit

If you wish to submit work for the show please contact us! Deadline for Submissions is October 22nd, 2016.