April 12 – May 4th | Ink Wash: Reading New Brunswick

Artist: Dan Xu
Dan Xu immagrated to Canada in 2001 and has lived in Saint John since. Her artistic career began over 20 years ago after graduating from China’s Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute in 1992. Dan Xu works in the traditional Chinese painting style using ink and wash applied with a wool brush to Chinese xuan paper. By using the same kind of paper, she handmade the books she painted on.
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April 12 – May 4th | Wood Fibre Fusion

Artist: Ralph Simpson
Ralph Simpson was born in Hillsborough, New Brunswick. He is a wood fiber artist creating baskets and sculptures. His chosen media is black ash, willow, maple, and cedar bark, and other plant fibers many of which are indigenous to New Brunswick.
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May 10 – May 25th | Instructor Showcase Volume III

Artists: Cathy Ross, Sylvia Galbraith, David Kaarsemaker, Maria Doering, Sarah Doherty, Juliette Scheffers, Sarah Doherty, Chantal Vincent, Fabiola Martinez, Robert Van De Peer, Alanna Baird, Matt Watkins, and Ruth Dunfield.
Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre is pleased to present this year’s installment of our summer Instructors Showcase exhibitions. Featured are select works by many of our instructors in painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, metalwork, photography and more.
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May 10 – May 25th | CLASS Showcase 2019

Artists: Students of Vincent Massey Elementary and Sir James Dunn Academy
Through a partnership with local St. Andrews schools, the Vincent Massey Elementary School and Sir James Dunn Academy, Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre presents high-quality arts education to students during the academic year.  Display for our metalwork component was made possible by a grant from Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation.
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May 31 – June 25th | Tantramar Revisited Revisited

Artist: Thaddeus Holownia
This exhibition examines some of Thaddeus Holownia’s favourite subjects to which he returns repeatedly, sometimes over decades, recording various landscapes and architecture of Tantramar region and the Cumberland basin of the Bay of Fundy…. A personal, acute vision chronicles the interrelated relationships he observes, how the land reveals its history and how time and human events affect change.
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May 31 – June 29th | Pride Showcase 2019

Artists: Boyd Maillet, Norman Richard, Gilbert Bernier, Dureall Ramsdell, James whitehead, Jacob Jaso, John Gardner, Timothy Jagoe, Tom Sparling, Shane Mercer, Eric Richard, and Collin Tatton.
SSANC are honoured to once again host this exhibition in our Harbour View Gallery, showcasing the talent, passion and skill of our LGBTQ+ community members. This selection of works, curated by artist James Whitehead, is a community-minded initiative. June is Pride Month, when the world’s LGBT communities come together and celebrate the freedom to be and express themselves.
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June 28 – July 1st | Dash 2019

Artists: Werner Arnold, Alanna Baird, Ann Manuel, Ted Michener, Claudia Munro Kerr, Thomas Sparling, and Elaine Wilson
Dash 2019 is a pop-up exhibition of works by a selection of local part-time and full-time St. Andrews artists, taking place for 3 days only throughout the Sunbury Shores gallery.  Displays for sculptural components of this show were made possible by a grant from the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation. 
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July 5 – July 27th | A 20 Year Review

Artist: Kathy Hooper
Kathy Hooper, painter, printmaker, sculptor and ceramist, was in 1994 winner of the Strathbutler Award for excellence in the visual arts and craft in New Brunswick. Born in Africa, she studied in England and in South Africa before coming to Canada in the early 1960’s. She has an impressive exhibition history and an equally impressive record of acting on behalf of artists on boards and juries.
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July 5 – July 27th | Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Artist: Katrina Slade
Katrina Slade is an American artist working primarily in mixed media painting. Originally from Oregon, she is a third generation artist with a lifelong passion for creativity. Slade earned a BFA from Oregon State University, followed by a Master’s in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College. Her abstract work is typically inspired by concepts related to her affinity for mindfulness and positivity.
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August 2 – 24th | Becoming

Artist: Alexandrya Eaton
Becoming consists of fifteen paintings and fifteen hooked rugs. Originally inspired by Alexandrya Eaton’s grandmother, and the grief that followed her passing, this series of work is a testament to the powerful force that exists between generations of women. Becoming speaks to both personal and cultural experience.
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August 2 – 24th | The Problem with Tea Towels

Artist: Deborah Payne
The Problem with Tea Towels situates weaving in a social context that is ambiguous and problematic. My hope is that this exhibition will tease and prod you to consider the place of “domestic” art – often made by women – in the art/craft spectrum, and especially, how we name and frame the handmade.
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