Our Exceptional Artists

Sunbury Shores is proud to host world class talent in the heart St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea, New Brunswick’s premiere seaside resort. Artists join a community passionate about Art & Nature to teach and participate in leading arts courses, workshops and exhibitions.

Below features a sample of some of the exceptional talent we have been privileged to host.  Many are returning this year – see our list of courses for more info and to register for classes. To learn about instructing at Sunbury Shores, please visit here.

Cathy Ross

“Within a few minutes you can be on a shoreline or a beach where you’re the only person there and I just find that so inspiring, and it feeds your soul.”

About the Artist:

Cathy Ross was born and raised in Saint John, New Brunswick in a home where art and creativity were at the very heart of family life. She studied art at Mount Allison University and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. After graduating in 1982, and having been awarded an Elizabeth T. Greenshields spent the next 10 years as a print maker in studios in Calgary, AB; Providence, Rhode Island; and Halifax, NS. During this time, she felt herself drawn to the still life genre and the medium of watercolour, allowing her to explore the complexities of colour and pattern that so intrigued her.

David Kaarsemaker

About the Artist:

David Kaarsemaker is a Toronto based painter. He holds a BFA from Concordia University and an MFA from the University of Ottawa and has taught at institutions across the country. In 2017, he was a finalist for the RBC Canadian Painting Competition and his work can be found in the collections of the City of Ottawa and the City of St John’s, the Department of Foreign Affairs, the Newfoundland Provincial Art Bank, and the Rooms Provincial Art Gallery.

In his paintings, he searches for a tension between the material presence of depicted objects and the dissolving glow of light and colour that surrounds them, creating a hinge between the perceptive indices of two and three dimensionality. His work examines the political and environmental realities that lie beneath the surface of his experiences in wilderness areas, seeking to honour its beauty, while also facing the construction of wilderness as an idea, and his own participation in this structure.

Claudia Munro Kerr

“The landscape is extraordinary. You can go and paint in lots of places in the world but you’ll never get a tide that brings so much breath of transformation. The permutations are endless.”

About the Artist:

Claudia Munro Kerr grew up in Scotland and Spain and trained at the City and Guilds of London, the Art Students League of New York, the National Academy of Arts and the Grand Central Academy. Claudia holds a B.A. Honours Degree in the History of Art from the University of Bristol, England, and lives in New York with her husband and two young children.

Robert Van De Peer

About the Artist:

Robert van de Peer is the master printmaker in residence at the Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre.  He is a classically trained printmaker who graduated from London’s Royal Academy of the Arts in 1968 and later did his master qualifying studies with Master Printer Carl Bethke.  Throughout his residence at the Sunbury Shores printshop, Van de Peer has been researching and developing many aspects of safer non-toxic techniques for printmaking.

Poppy Balser

About the Artist:

Poppy Balser has always lived very near the ocean, mostly within walking distance of the Bay of Fundy.  With its great tides, rich seashore and long-time fishing traditions, the Bay of Fundy is a muse that continually inspires her.  She finds that painting en plein air enriches her paintings with a depth found only with direct observation of the subject.

Maggie Rose

About the Artist:

Maggie Rose is a Canadian artist currently living in New York while teaching at the New York Academy of Art. After graduating cum laude from the Academy in 2001, Maggie continued her training at the Michael Aviano Atelier and studied drawing with Michael Grimaldi. She now paints full time and is passionate about teaching and passing on the training she feels blessed to have received. Maggie’s work is primarily figurative. She prefers to work from life and often sculpts small figurines when working on subjects that require photo reference. Her primary focus is the continued exploration of the human body, of the color and translucency of flesh, and in objects which we identify with the body such as clothing and dressmaker forms.

Theresa MacKnight

“I definitely would recommend St. Andrews as a place and destination for artists to come and work with other artists and network.”

About the Artist:

Theresa MacKnight is a lifelong artist and educator. She was trained at Mount Allison University, Nova Scotia College of Art and the University of New Brunswick. She has a strong background in plein air landscape painting as well as encaustic and mixed media. She has a generous teaching style and can work with absolute beginner to more advanced students.

Geordie Millar

About the Artist:

Geordie Millar’s work is about animals, nature and how people see nature, anthropomorphism, biophilia and human ethics. As an artist he works at finding a language to talk about these things. As a draftsman and painter he works to find ways to push technical and traditional boundaries in order to express this language. Living in Canada offers an endless stream of subject and story to explore, as artists he believes we are spoiled by how relatively unspoiled a Country it is.

Michael McEwing

About the Artist:

Michael McEwing is an artist and art educator currently working in the Carleton County area of New Brunswick, Canada. He grew up in Fredericton where he first developed a keen interest in the arts. McEwing strives to be an advocate for the arts in his community and in the field of education. In 2008, he along with other local arts enthusiasts formed the River Valley Arts Alliance (RiVA), whose flagship event is the annual Dooryard Arts Festival in Woodstock.

Jackie Doucette

About the Artist:

Jackie grew up in the Miramichi where her love of creating art was fostered from an early age. Throughout her life she found her artistic voice through drawing, painting, and music. She has translated her love of fine art into crafting pottery. Jackie began her exploration of smoke-fired pots while completing her diploma in ceramics at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. Jackie’s creations begin their life in her home studio in Hanwell, NB and the smoke-firing process is completed in the Miramichi.

Brigitte Clavette

About the Artist:

Silversmith Brigitte Clavette has been Head of the Jewellery and Metal Arts Studio and taught at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design in Fredericton since 1985. She has also taught at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, the Nunavut Arctic College, the Haliburton School of Arts and the Community College of New Brunswick in Dieppe. Her hollow ware and silver works have been shown internationally, and are held in private and public collections across the country and internationally, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, England and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. Clavette became a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts in 2000, won the Excellence Award for Craft from the Province of NB in 2002, and the prestigious Strathbutler Award in 2006.

Jason Collingwood

About the Artist:

Having learned to weave from his father at the age of 18, Jason returned to the discipline 6 years later and setup his own workshop in 1986, located in Nayland, Suffolk. Over the last 29 years Jason has woven to commission somewhere in the region of 2000+ rugs. Mostly for private clients, though also for some corporate clients, and worked with numerous architects and interior designers. The rugs can be woven to any size and colour way, are strong and durable for use on the floor, but equally can be used as wall-hangings. In addition to designing and weaving, Jason spends 3 – 4 months each year teaching at various art schools in America, Australia, Canada and Europe. This has led to Jason having his own brand of rug wool in America, as well as instructional DVD’s and publications.

Chantal Gilbert

About the Artist:

Part of Chantal Gilbert’s work stems from a desire to codify the knife in a different way. From indispensable to undesirable, there is a narrow margin, a thin edge. The artist’s basic preoccupation lies within the exploration of a frequently obscured dimension of the knife: its ritual and spiritual aspects which, when sublimated, add to the perception of the object. Thus, a new universe bursts open to multiple readings. The Toronto Star said she makes some of the world’s most extraordinary knives.

Alan Syliboy

About the Artist:

Alan Syliboy was born and raised on the Millbrook First Nations Reservation in Nova Scotia, and like many others of his generation, he grew up believing that First Nations artwork was generic; or what you saw on television and other mass media sources. As a youth, feeling unsure of his talents and his identity, he found painting painful and difficult. It wasn’t until he met and studied privately with renowned Maliseet Artist, Shirley Bear, that he found his confidence and began to take his own path. He eventually found great inspiration in the petroglyphs of his ancestors that have been discovered in ancient rocks all over the Maritimes. This spiritual connection has become the driving force of his artwork over the past forty years.