CLASS 2019


Works by students from the Vincent Massey Elementary School and Sir James Dunn Academy

Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre “Signature Exhibition”

About the Exhibition Through a partnership with local St. Andrews schools, the Vincent Massey Elementary School and Sir James Dunn Academy, Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre presents high-quality arts education to students during the academic year. Children Learning Art at Sunbury Shores (CLASS) is a core component of our mandate—providing free-of-charge instruction to these students. SSANC instructors teach metalwork, print making, ceramics, painting, collage, stained glass, art history and many other subjects.  Students are exposed to techniques, skills and concepts they would not otherwise be able access. As we are also a Nature Centre, classes often draw on the environment around us for inspiration.  We help kids to observe, understand and express the world around them, and their place within it. We run classes for all ages on most days during school terms – and these count towards graduation credits for Grades 11 and 12 students. Many go on to pursue fine art and craft as a career or as a life-long passion. Sunbury Shores would like to thank our CLASS 2019 instructors: Chantal Vincent, Sarah Doherty, Matt Watkins, Robert Van de Peer, and Ruth Dunfield. The CLASS Program is made possible through financial support from The Kiwanis Club of Saint Andrews, The Sir James Dunn Foundation, The Tamarack Charitable Foundation, the Mais Family Foundation, and several private donations, including those who kindly gave in the memory of Ellen Gozna. SSANC would like to thank our supporters for making this program happen, and the Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundatin for some of our new display capacity. To learn more about donating to the CLASS Program, please email