Emilie Grace Lavoie

Sunbury Shores Juried Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Cumulus La Mutatio – En Ecology is an exhibition of ceramic sculpture by artist Emilie Grace Lavoie. Lavoie’s sculptures emanate from her growing awareness of environmental discord and the long term effect humans have on life on earth.

The large-scale sculptures present an imposing presence for the viewer and offer an intense and confrontational experience with the subject. Lavoie embarks on an in-depth exploration of our connectivity to the natural world, the fact that we share certain biological processes and genomes, for example. The accumulation of forms is used to create a metamorphoses of the object – algae gradually transform into fabric, a human body seems overtaken by coral, a molded cauliflower has the appearance of a brain, barnacles have the texture of cabbage and corals morph into human legs. By combining the exquisite with the catastrophic, she highlights the complex, ever-shifting relationship between living species.

About the Artist

Born in New Brunswick, Emilie Grace Lavoie obtained her Diploma of Collegial Studies in Fashion Design in 2011 from LaSalle College in Montreal, her Bachelor in the Visual Arts in 2016 from Université de Moncton and her MFA in 2018 at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver.
“My practice interrogates the space between an object and its ecology: the relationship between material practice and complex systems, such as living ecosystems, and the environments in which they are situated. My main interest is our current ecological crisis and the precarious relations which now exist between living species and their contexts largely as a result of human interventions in the natural world. This growing awareness of the fragility of the natural world, its biodiversity, life processes, and interactions among organisms, transforms my view of the world and inspires my imagination. Through a practice that relies on a temporal process of making, sustained through multiple stages of hand production and understanding how the process of making itself is central for my practice to make sense of how to intervene in and potentially rebuild more holistic and regenerative ecological relations. Exploration of materials related to ceramics and textiles are produced in an effort to create an object that mirrors the transformation of an ecosystem, or at the very least demonstrates the object as dependent upon the ecology of the studio.” – Artist Emilie Grace Lavoie
Lavoie was the recipient of the Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation grant in 2014, the Sheila Mackay Advanced Studies Scholarship in 2016 and Artsnb Scholarship in 2015 and 2017. In October 2017 she became the recipient of the Robert Weghsteen Memorial Graduate Scholarship. In July 2017, Emilie Grace represented New Brunswick-Canada at the VIII Games of La Francophonie in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, where she won the silver medal in the Sculpture and Installation category.