At Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, we are seeking emerging and established artists, scientists and naturalists with a passion for instructing in hands-on, intimate environments. We are a multi-dimensional institution, uniquely situated as a centre for excellence in arts & nature education but also as an open and accessible community centre. With over 50 years of offering community-based arts & nature programming, Sunbury Shores is committed to offering high-quality experiences for all ages and skill levels.

Get your instructor application in!

If you are interested in instructing at Sunbury Shores, please contact or call 506.529.3386.

Course Proposal Form here: Course Proposal Form

Please also provide an artist CV and brief bio.

What are some benefits of instructing at Sunbury Shores?

  • We offer small class sizes, on average between 8 and 12, which means more meaningful one-on-one time with students.
  • Enjoy newly renovated, state-of-the-art facilities, including our non-toxic printmaking studio, new metalsmithing studio, pottery studio, multi-purpose studio, and arts & nature library.
  • Sunbury Shores has a strong print & digital marketing plan to promote our courses and gain exposure for our instructors.
  • We have a rich history of renowned instructors who have worked with us, and exciting names to come: Tom & William Forrestall, Fred Ross, Brigitte Clavette, Ann Manuel, Molly Lamb Bobak, Tom Smith, Kristyn Cooper, Jay Dampf, Peter Thomas, Michael Chesley Johnson, Maja Padrov, Melissa LeBlanc, Susan Lapides, and more.
  • During the summer, instructors can apply to have work for sale in our Harbour View Gallery, which enjoys light from large windows overlooking the bay.
  • As a Sunbury Shores instructor, you join an open, supportive community of exceptional artists, scientists and naturalists in the beautiful St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, where art and nature collide.
  • Feel the love: we welcome our instructors with open arms and celebrate their talent and expertise!