OCTOBER 4 – 26, 2019

An installation of up to 50 paintings by Jared Peters

Sunbury Shores Juried Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Jared Peters brings us his installation of paintings that describe an observation of everyday objects. But they are revealed in a way not normally observed. For a fleeting second, a flash in the dark, more is revealed. A moment, an object—or a look or gesture—these become frozen and captured. Nothing is hidden, all is exposed against the dark atmosphere of the shadows where they normally hide. Sometimes brutal in their honesty, or disturbing in their nakedness, Jared Peters makes us look at the mundane in an extraordinary way. He helps us explore the fears and anxiety of ageing and our sometimes obsessive relationship with objects. He grabs the hidden beauty in textures, and mystery of patterns and shapes that soothe or excite us.

Jared says “This work is sourced from my own daily life and encounters. I wanted to use painting as a way to think through my own experiences.”

As we look closer, we realise that we all have similar experiences—small happenings in our days and habitual behaviours—that speak to being human. The common denomination of drinking from a mug, flicking a switch, speaking to a friend. Jared reminds us that each moment has meaning and deserves to be noticed and observed.

Sara Brinkhurst
Executive Director, SSANC

About the Artist

Jared Peters has participated in solo and group exhibitions across Canada, and his work can be found in collections across the country and internationally, including in the New Brunswick Art Bank. He received a BA in History from the University of New Brunswick, a BFA from NSCAD University, and an MFA in Visual Arts from the University of Western Ontario. A recipient of numerous awards and grants, Jared Peters was also a semifinalist in the 2011 RBC Canadian Painting Competition. He currently lives and works in New Brunswick, Canada. Peters is represented by Jones Gallery in Saint John, New Brunswick.

Artist Statement

Album focuses on encounters with the everyday, and explores how my own behaviour, decisions, and sense of self are directed through the environments and arrangements of daily life. The exhibition is the result of a daily practice of painting that strives to think through my own everyday encounters and experiences. Through this work, I want to question how the spaces and experiences I encounter affect and direct my own identity.

One wall of the gallery is comprised of an installation of small paintings and objects, orderly arranged on plywood boards. My own face, gestures, or immediate experiences serve as the subject of every painting. Each painted image is sourced from a digital photograph of a single instant of my own life. The paintings are arranged together with small objects that are similarly sourced from my own life and experiences. Accompanying this installation is a series of paintings on the opposite wall of the gallery. Sourced from photographs taken from an evening walk in familiar neighborhood
woods, the resulting images similarly reflect on the spaces that I encounter and negotiate everyday.

Jared Peters, 2019