Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

JULY 5 – JULY 27, 2019 OPENING JULY 5, 5-7PM

An exhibition that explores ideas of absence and the emotional toll on the heart, the concept of home and identity through organic compositions by Katrina Slade

A Sunbury Shores Juried Exhibition

About the Exhibition

I am an abstract mixed media painter. My work is always grounded in wonderment, among other undefinable emotions. Viewers might sense a warm emotion in my work, or perhaps get caught in a moment of curiosity, interpreting their own meaning out of my paintings. My proposed exhibition is titled Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder, which has several layers of meaning. My work is typically bright and colourful, however I have challenged myself to create in black and white for this current series. The absence of colour. My typical approach to a painting begins with an intuitive relationship with colour, so I am enjoying how this self-imposed rule is causing me to grow as an artist. The term “absence” also refers to my international lifestyle, which has recently brought me to New Brunswick. I have been absent from this continent for seven years, and have recently returned. I am an American by birth, but an international adventurer by heart. After seven years in foreign lands, my heart has ached for a home that is familiar to me. The exhibition will explore ideas of absence and the emotional toll on the heart, the concept of home, and inevitably, how it shapes identity. Because my work is abstract, viewers don’t see literal expressions. They are offered the chance to discover their own meaning within work. Viewers might sense an emotion peeking through the painting, or perhaps find an unexpected connection to their own lives, interpreting their own meaning out of my organic compositions. This series of paintings is currently in-progress. I am attaching images of paintings that I have completed in this series, however I will also attach other images of my colorful work as examples of my artistic aesthetic.

About the Artist

Katrina Slade is an American artist working primarily in mixed media painting. Originally from Oregon, she is a third generation artist with a lifelong passion for creativity. Slade earned a BFA from Oregon State University, followed by a Master’s in Teaching from Lewis and Clark College. Her abstract work is typically inspired by concepts related to her affinity for mindfulness and positivity. Slade’s evolving style is influenced by her international lifestyle, especially from her time living in Tokyo, where she fell in love with the Japanese aesthetic. World travel has been instrumental in her artistic growth. After spending seven years living and traveling abroad, she immigrated to Canada in 2018, and is currently living in Fredericton, New Brunswick.