Introducing five renowned artists to Saint Andrews for respective artist in residency programs.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and evaluated by a selection committee. To apply, visit

Artists for Sunbury Shores-Beaverbrook Artists in Residency

In collaboration with the  Beaverbrook Canadian Foundation, SSANC is honoured to present the Sunbury Shores-Beaverbrook Artists in Residency. The artists accepted into the program are New Brunswick based artists working in ceramics, metal, printmaking, installation, visual arts or interdisciplinary arts. They were chosen for their integration of nature, environmental research or environmental awareness/issues into their arts practice.

Bob Morourney

Residency from March 30 to April 10

As part of the Sunbury Shores – Beaverbrook Artists in Residency, we welcome Bob Morouney to Saint Andrews. Morouney is a printmaker and multi-media artist from Otter Creek, New Brunswick. Originally from Southampton, New York, Morouney has a USA/Canadian dual citizenship and exhibits his work all over the maritimes and central Canada. He has had individual shows and participated in multiple group shows.

Morouney is a graduate of Mount Allison University with a Bachelor of Arts in English, Fine Arts and Japanese language. His education in fine arts stretched out Funabashi, Japan, where he studied Japanese calligraphy. And in 2013, he exhibited his work in the “Awagami Int’l Miniature Print Exhibition” in Yoshinogawa.

During his residency, here at Sunbury Shores, he is going to create a series called “Land & Sea” and a series of “field drawings” while working with ink, watercolours, and a variety of application tools. As a printmaker, he works in copperplate etching and mezzotint, utilizing ferric chloride etchant, acrylic resit, and standard inks.

“In my artistic practice, I work concurrently on two and often three, series in different media. I value the inspiration arising from the synergistic interaction of simultaneous explorations.” – B.Morouney

Ralph Simpson

Residency from March 8 to March 21

As part of the Sunbury Shores – Beaverbrook Artists in Residency, we welcome the return of Ralph Simpson to Saint Andrews. During his residency, Simpson is going to create a piece that is a statement about the importance of forest conservation. He will create a tree by weaving the sum of its parts, using wood fibre, bark, and other plants. The title of this work is “Resurrection of a Tree.”

Ralph is a graduate of the NBCCD Aboriginal Visual Arts Program and has been weaving baskets for the past six years. He studied basketry and traditional weaving techniques learning from master basket weavers, workshops and mentorships in places like Poland, Norway, Spain, France, Irland, and the United States.

“Until now, I have been weaving with locally grown wood fibre, bark, and plant fibre, including iris and lily leaves, common rush, and other marsh grasses. My work has been very satisfying, and now I want to challenge my technical skills to create larger structures. I want to weave a replica of a tree from wood and plant fibre…I will weave tree parts as part of my process to include sections of trees with woven bark and attached branches that will either stand-alone or hang on a wall or ceiling as well as at least one stand-alone life-size tree from the ground up to about 6 feet. I will be making at least six pieces and will apply to galleries to exhibit them in a solo exhibition.” – R.Simpson

Studio By the Sea: Artist in Residency Program

In partnership with Windsor House of St. Andrews, Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre is proud to present The Studios by the Sea: Artist in Residence program open to local, national and international practicing artists.

Shlomit Gopher

Residency from March 2 to 21

As part of our Sunbury Shores Studio By the Sea Residency program, we welcome Shlomit Gopher to Saint Andrews! Shlomit Gopher, born in Isreal in 1987, is a printmaker, designer and entrepreneur. Her education stems from various schools; Shenkar College, The School of the Art of Puppetry, ‘Technion’, the Israel Institue of Technology and the National Theatre School of Canada.

During her residency, here, she is working on a project called, “PLAYFOOL”: An Active Space for Being. The project is an installation piece offering the audience an experience that explores the territory of playfulness.

“I have developed this concept from a personal need for a place where you can have a mindset of “having,” “finding,” and “being” – and nothing is missing. A place where I do not wait for, want or analyze. This big playground made out of colour, shape, and texture will offer the audience an opportunity to be fools for a moment, interact and experience with our need to inject an idea, ideology or thought; they will enter an active space of “just being.” – S.Gopher

Judy Blue Anderson

Residency from April 18 to May 2

For the Sunbury Shores Studio By the Sea Artist in Residence, we welcome Judy Blue Anderson to Saint Andrews! Anderson is from Hamilton, Ontario and a graduate of Sheridan College with a Diploma in Technical Illustration. She has shown in over 100 solo, group exhibitions and shows in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and the Czech Republic.

During her residency, she will create a “Nature by the Foot” theme work that she will show in an exhibit called the Artist Spotlight at the Jordan Art Gallery in Jordan, Ontario, in September 2020. Anderson cross-references her Plein Air and studio artwork because they influence each other much. The energy in her quick observations from painting outdoors keeps the momentum when she works in her studio.

“I am taken with space where water meets the land. I work to observe the impressions of light and weather through small work. I take the energy and quick observation from these works and try to keep that momentum in the studio, re-imagining the images in different media. My latest acrylic, mixed media pieces are built up with paper, layers of colour, textures and collage to evoke a memory and feeling of place.” – J.B.Anderson