2015-16 Acquisitions

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Exhibit Statement:

The New Brunswick Art Bank has been collecting the work of New Brunswick contemporary artists for over 40 years. Through a public exhibition program, school exhibition programs and loans to government departments and agencies, the artworks of New Brunswick artists are more visible and demonstrate the creativity of the visual arts in the province. The Art Bank’s recent acquisitions are presented in the 2015-16 NB Acquisitions Exhibition.

The NB Acquisitions Program purchases contemporary visual art by New Brunswick artists every two years for the NB Art Bank. The artworks are part of a ‘working collection’.  After they are purchased from the artists, they are presented in a provincial exhibition at art galleries in New Brunswick and elsewhere.  They may also be exhibited in schools and displayed in government buildings.

The 2015-16 acquisitions comprise of 26 works in various media by 16 artists:  Marjolaine Bourgeois, Daniel Dugas and Valerie LeBlanc, André Lapointe, Mario LeBlanc, Mathieu Léger, Dominik Robichaud, Ann Manuel, Marsha Clark, Jennifer Wiebe, Alexandrya Eaton, Paul Griffin, Karen Stentiford, Anna Torma, Paul Mathieson and Shane Perley-Dutcher.

To view the full catalogue of 2015-16 NB Art Bank Acquisitions, click here.