APRIL 13 – MAY 5

Mathieu Léger

Exhibition Statement

Plausible Space is a print/sculptural endeavour (also delving into concepts of photography) that examines notions of scale and its relationship to how we imagine distances and estimate travel times in reference to cartography. This project stems from walking projects undertaken in the past 3 years in Canada and Europe. Stemming from this last idea, Léger is working on themes for video and sound works investigating notions surrounding vacuousness, the sense of being lost from diminishing senses in conditions that resemble whiteouts or foggy conditions.

The artist gratefully acknowledges the support of the following organizations:
artsnb (The New Brunswick Arts Board), Sheila Hugh MacKay Foundation, and Canada Council for the Arts

About the Artist 

For over 15 years, Mathieu Léger’s work has involved residencies to investigate territories, societies, and systems. He is a serial artist in residence. Through performance, photography, sculpture, drawing, video/sound, and text-based works, his production investigates everything and engages notions of territory and boundary, while exploring conventions around surveying and cartography to make photographic, sculptural, printed, and text-based objects. He is currently developing several projects around the notions of travel, displacement, isolation, geography, and boundaries. His work seeks to ascertain what identity is and how we begin to describe it through the geographies we inhabit. You can see more at

Mathieu Léger hails from the Maritime region of Eastern Canada. Serial artist-in-residence, Léger has participated in over 50 artist’s residencies. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Literature and Fine Art – Université de Moncton, 1998). He shares his time between far away places and Moncton, NB, Canada. View his CV HERE.