Artwork (Advocate Harbour Close-up #3) by Bernard Quintal


Bernard Quintal  Advocate Harbour Close-up #3

Watercolour on paper, mounted onto birch panel

10″ x 10″


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Currently in our ‘Made Here: AIRs @SSANC 2019-2020’ exhibition.

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“I have always been fascinated by rocks on the shores. From early childhood until now, they are treasures for me. They mark the passage of time and I want to paint their history. Rocks are the principal actors in my recent works with a few honoured guests such as driftwood, shells, and local vegetation.

I study the shore with an imaginary magnifying glass and the results of my observation is what I want to replicate. I choose to detail my vision meticulously using watercolour as the medium. As I paint the man shapes and colouration of my subjects, I relive the joy of discovery. There is always a surprise if one looks closely.

Currently our shores are in peril and I worry about the future. Erosion from storms, flooding, tree clearcutting, rising sea levels and the increasing flow of streams in spring due to large snowfalls and heavy rains are the new threats. There are also undesirable trashy plastic newcomers that pollute some of my works. Although I may be an idealist, my hope is to find again the pristine shores of my childhood. I would like to preserve a permanent memory of their presence.”