Artwork (Social Beings) by Bob Morouney


Bob Morouney   Social Beings


Image 4.5″ x  4.5″  (unframed)

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Currently in our ‘Made Here: AIRs @SSANC 2019-2020’ exhibition.

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“My work arises out of and is informed by my studies in phenomenology and ecophilosophy. Our engagement — and our disengagement — with nature is mediated by culture: the unquestioned assumptions and unexamined presuppositions which in turn shape our perceptions of Nature, each other, and our future. My artistic practice is to present alternative perceptions and understandings, not as arguments or explanations but encouragements toward insight into the limits of perception imposed by culture. Looking beyond the received wisdom of culture reveals elements of narrative whereby we learn and take to heart a new wisdom about “the way the world is.”