In-Process Creative Studio: Building A Body Of Work 7-9 August


Instructor:  Stephen Hutchings

August 7 – 9, 2020        Friday: 7.00 – 9.00 pm   Sat/Sun: 9.30 am – 4.00 pm

Cost: $150.00 (we do not charge HST)

Bursaries available, please contact us for more information if interested.

A credit or full refund will be provided if the course is cancelled.

Registration Deadline:  11 July , 2020

Minimum/Maximum No of Students:    5 / 8

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Course Description:

We are proud to offer a continuation of our In-Process Creative Studio sessions.

This workshop explores the process of developing a body of work or group of art pieces— be they paintings, prints, videos, sculptures—that have a common theme, or meaning, or intent. At times, art practice can seem a bit unfocussed, perhaps without purpose or direction. This workshop will provide the tools that will help an artist discover some of the key, inherent issues that their work is dealing with. Sometimes these issues are obvious; sometimes, they are hidden and hard to discern or define. Sometimes, art practice is simply waiting for a definition to be provided for it to become energized and empowered. The workshop will also cover some of the attitudes and life skills necessary to complete a body of work and see it to its logical conclusion with a public exhibition.

Friday evening will be introductions over wine and cheese and a visual look at some examples of a “body of work.”

Saturday will start with an in-depth investigation of the elements required to develop the work, including ideation, research, sketching, and the use of language. The session will include discussing the life-skills required for achieving success as well as the need to identify an audience (a “market”), how to locate a venue and how to go about arranging for an exhibition. Saturday will continue with participants working hands-on in developing their concept of a “body of work” as it relates to their art practice. Guidelines for this development will be provided.

Sunday will feature presentations by each participant of their thoughts, ideas and plans for developing, completing and exhibiting their own body of work. The presentations will include sketches, writing, story-boards, etc. The day will include group discussions and feedback. Each participant will also have one-on-one interactions with the workshop leader.

Materials required by students: Own artwork in-process, notebook/pens/pencils

Instructor Bio:

Stephen Hutchings is a senior Canadian artist who has had a varied and successful art career with numerous museum shows across Canada. Two books have been published about his work. He currently exhibits on a regular basis in five commercial galleries across Canada.

With these workshops, he shares his broad and highly successful experience as a professional artist, exhibitor and instructor – bringing effective and insightful suggestions, encouragement and mentoring along with constructive and positive critiques. His open and engaging manner help students and other artists discuss their work with honesty and appreciation, allowing genuine personal growth with individual arts practices.

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