Class – Phone Photography: From Snap-Shots to Wow-Shots Part 2 with Robert Fisher (20-21) August


Instructor: Robert Fisher

Date: 20-21 August, 2020   Thursday-Friday 10:00am – 4:00pm

Cost: $100.00

Bursaries may be available. Please contact us for more information if interested.

Minimum/Maximum No of Students: 5 / 10

Experience level/Ages preferred: Adult/Beginner to Intermediate

Experience Level/Ages Preferred: Beginner to experienced

Materials Required by students: Students must bring their own smart phone and an active imagination.

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Course Description:

Camera phones have opened up the formerly black art of photography to everyone. This course will help you take your phone photo skills to that next level and let you start creating that Wow! factor. This 2-day workshop builds on the previous workshop for those who want to explore further – or can be a stand-alone for those with more experience.

Day 1 RAW or JPEG: About half and half class and field. The benefits of RAW photos will be explained with a walkthrough of editing RAW photos. The 2nd half of the class will be in the field capturing in RAW. End of day review back in class.

Day 2 Creative editing/ Final Questions: Using some of the more fun tools in Snapseed and other mobile photography apps to add cool frames and borders and give photos of different looks. Morning instruction in class, then in the field taking pictures & editing. End of day review, display of photos, wrap-up and final questions.

All those who take both workshops, or the Next Steps workshop will receive a copy of my ebook The Ultimate (OK, No Not Really) Guide to Mobile Photography.

Instructor Bio:

Robert Fisher is a commercial and artistic photographer with more than 20 years of experience. He is also an author and documentary filmmaker. His client work is primarily architecture and infrastructure. His personal work has been primarily street photography. In 2019/20 he completed a year-long trek around Canada working on photography and documentary film projects.
Robert’s love of photography began when he saw the impressionistic work of Freeman Patterson. Thestyle captivated his imagination and served as his red pill for the jump down the photography rabbit hole.
He has been fortunate to have three books on photography published through well-known photography publishing houses and in 2020 released his first self-published eBook.
He has won awards for his photography and filmmaking and his clients have used his photos to win awards in their industries. He has written for several publications and has travelled as far as the Czech Republic on assignment.
Robert holds an Honours Bachelor of Administration degree from Brock University. Outside of photography, he is an enthusiastic amateur chef and gardener. He is the owner of an adopted dog named Lincoln which accompanied him on his cross-Canada tour. He affectionately refers to his dogs as The Idiots and Lincoln is Idiot IV.