Wood Fibre Fusion

APRIL 12 – MAY 4, 2019

An exhibition of woven stand alone pieces made from natural fibers by Ralph Simpson

A Sunbury Shores Juried Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Ralph Simpson’s innate connection with the natural world around him; field, forest and wetland is expressed in his work. He combined traditional weaving techniques with innovative materials to create a contemporary art form. Simpson’s creative focus is on the woven form incorporating local indigenous materials, with a harvest principal that embraces environmental integrity and sustainability.

About the Artist

Ralph Simpson was born in Hillsborough, New Brunswick. He is a wood fiber artist creating baskets and sculptures. His chosen media is black ash, willow, maple, and cedar bark, and other plant fibers many of which are indigenous to New Brunswick.

Ralph combines a deep respect for traditional weaving techniques with his own innovations and enjoys incorporating a wide variety of materials and techniques in his creative practice.

Inspired by the local environment and natures forms he creates contemporary sculptural forms large and small and enjoys exploring the unique properties of various natural plant materials.