Sherry Ashby, Leslie Bowman, Lisa Tyson Ennis, Nina Bohlen, Sharon Yates

Sunbury Shores Signature Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Showcase of Art from Lubec, Maine is a community-minded exhibition of paintings, photographs, monotypes, woodcuts and drawings by five female artists from the community of Lubec. These works display a variety of techniques and perspectives, but all works communicate the artists’ passion for their home, local community and environments.

St. Andrews shares a tight ecosystem and has close ties to Maine historically, culturally, economically and geographically. Sunbury Shores feels that it is important to deepen the connections between our small coastal communities through sharing and engaging in creative dialogue. Sunbury Shores is proud to celebrate the artworks of these five unique and talented Maine artists.

About the Artists

The natural beauty of the Passamaquoddy Bay region has inspired each of us t0 thrive artistically in unique ways and share  our diverse backgrounds and visions.  Since childhood, Nina Bohlen has spent summers in her family’s Lubec home and in recent years she built a studio in the woods of North Lubec.  As a young girl, Leslie Bowman went fishing with her father in waters off Eastport and later established a home and  studio along the shores and woods of Trescott.  Sherry Ashby, a Lubec native, left home for college and travel eventually finding her way back to creating her place in South Lubec. Sharon Yates in mid-career with no attachments or expectations came during summers to paint the coastal landscape and later on built a permanent home on a quiet cove in North Lubec.  Lisa Tyson Ennis left her  Pennsylvania farm for a place on Campobello Island and after awhile found her way to the bold coast of South Lubec, where she has built a home and studio with a fully equipped photography lab.


Lisa Tyson Ennis
Sharon Yates