APRIL 13 – MAY 5

Select works from the NBCCD Advanced Studio Practice Program

Exhibition Statement

Static Pressure is an exhibition of select work from the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design’s Advanced Studio Practice program. Featuring photography by Lorne Power and paintings by Laura Lamey. These works are accompanied by sculptural teapot forms in sterling silver by some of their classmates in the ASP program: Kathryn Cronin, Robin Turner, Rory Greythorn, Joel Belliveau, Yeon Jung, and Chantal Polchies.

Static Pressure is reflective of the inner and outer conversations between us and the world as well as the creative ‘forces’ that find release through work. For both Lamey and Power, this show is a sample of a larger body of work that will be on display in Fredericton in the near future.

Lorne Power Biography

Lorne Power (b.1979) is a multidisciplinary artist working in photography, text and video. Guided by an interest in photography as a means of exploring how different places make us feel and behave, his practice involves combining materials, language, and technology to make images that represent the underlying presence of the subject.

Laura Lamey Biography

Laura Lamey lives and paints in the coastal community of Grand Barachois, NB.  Her background includes studies in French literature and philosophy at St. F. X University, visual arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, and education at the University of British Columbia and the University of Alberta.

Nurturing a need for understanding and a fondness for ideas, Lamey’s work includes a thought process that is made visible. Drawing and painting are actions through which thinking and idea generation come to life and the works themselves become the documentation.

About Advanced Studio Practice

The Advanced Studio Practice program is a one year career development program within the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. In this show, we see the focused development of two emerging artists finding their personal visual voices. Lamey, an art teacher on sabbatical, is exhibiting paintings created in her Grand Balachois, N.B. studio. Power, who hails from Saint John, is exhibiting photography and is pursuing an academic path leading to a Masters in Fine Art.

Sunbury Shores would like to thank the New Brunswick College of Craft & Design for collaborating on this project as a development of their partnership. Both institutions are dedicated to supporting the arts, visual design and fine craft in New Brunswick.

Laura Lamey, Bold Hesitation, Oil on canvas,

My current work is a physical record of sorting through thoughts, ideas and emotions. The trajectory of life requires us to adjust, respond, and repurpose continually. Mostly abstractions, my work includes formal elements that are also wrestling to fit and to settle. At times, expressive mark making reflects restlessness and agitation, while sometimes a sensible solidity pervades. – Laura Lamey

Photography for me is being totally obsessed with how the perceptual world of 3D is rendered as flat in 2D, and how the uncanny resides on that surface. I make images in an attempt to find latent significance in the everyday. – Lorne Power