Vicky Lentz

Sunbury Shores Juried Exhibition

About the Exhibition Torus. A form that has been an obsession of mine for several years.  Noted in science to be the form in which energy exists in its most perfect state of balance. The simplest description of its overall form is that of a donut, though it takes many different shapes, depending upon the medium in which it exists. Torus represents how the energy in our universe moves from within the tiniest molecules to the expanse of the universe itself. It is most important to know that it is a process and not just a form. – Artist Vicky Lentz In this series of works by New Brunswick visual artist Vicky Lentz, the Torus form is superimposed and expressed as a part of organic forms and underlying structures. The collection consists of large acrylic, collage, and mixed media on canvas as well as two sculptural components. About the Artist Vicky Lentz’s passionate visual expression as a painter began in 1997.  In 2005, her artwork was selected for a prestigious exhibition of Acadian artists, ARTCADIE, which toured nationally and internationally.  She has completed several successful solo exhibitions and has received recognition from her peers and awarded grants from the New Brunswick Arts Board for creation research, professional development and the regional community arts projects. Vicky is a popular art instructor, leading workshops in New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.  She has also taught at the prestigious Haliburton School of the Arts.

Her work was selected and commissioned for the prestigious 2009 NB Prix d’Excellence en enseignement for the NB Ministry of Education.  She was also a finalist for the 2010 Prix Éloizes for the group exhibition, Insecte, and represented New Brunswick as one of three maritime artists invited to participate in Défi de creation en direct during the 15th edition of the Festival des arts visuels en Atlantique (FAVA) held in July of 2010.  Vicky was awarded a major Public Art commission in New Brunswick in 2012.  In 2014, she collaborated to organize the important provincial exhibition, Imagined Dialogues, which featured the work of 14 contemporary Acadian artists and participated in another important touring exhibition of Acadian art, Acadie mythique.

Lentz’s studio inquiries focus on the processes of transformation and the fluid nature of life.  Immersing herself in the flow of energy that lies just beneath the surface, she employs a variety of materials and methods to engage with the landscape on a human scale. The materials and processes, often repetitive, open up a dialogue with the environment.  She recognises that the repetitive nature of this labour creates a process of deep connection. In a modern world where children suffer from Nature Deficit Disorder and our environmental concerns become epic, my contemporary work, that echoes and documents this simple life of connection, finds a worthy importance. – Vicky Lentz