Colin Hugh Smith

Sunbury Shores Signature Exhibition

About the Exhibition

Flowers and rooms are my passions and my paintings are love letters. In my Impressionist painterly style I try to capture the fleeting mood of a summer’s day and how garden or wild flowers, particularly when carelessly and loosely arranged, create a sense of style and beauty when brought inside. – Colin Hugh Smith

About the Artist

Colin Hugh Smith has worked as a full time artist, writer and designer for over 30 years.

As an artist, solo exhibitions have taken place at Gallery 78 in Fredericton, the former Seacoast and Sunbury Shores Galleries in St. Andrews, the old ABEC in Saint John and the Saint John Arts Centre. His work has also appeared at Saint John’s Imperial Theatre, the New Brunswick Museum, the New Brunswick Festival of the Arts, the University of New Brunswick’s Student Voices show, and ARTgallery ‘Rat in Queenstown as well as in solo and group exhibitions at Cobalt Gallery, the Klausen Gallery, the Fundy Art Gallery, all of Saint John, as well as the Kensington Gallery in Calgary.