Young Curators

for Climate Action Program

For Youth Voices in their Development as Leaders, Speakers, Designers and Promoters

Are you between 16 and 20 years old? Do you like being outside? Are you concerned about climate change? Are you creative?

If eating over an open fire, exploring outdoors and thinking outside of the box sounds like fun to you, join Sunbury Shore Art and Nature Centre and guests where we learn ways to make a difference in the world as people invested in climate change solutions and creative expression.

The curator was considered a person responsible to select and interpret different works of art, whether they be paintings, statues, or other types of art in museums and art galleries. The curator was often responsible for writing labels and creating content to support and design art exhibitions. However, curators are no longer concerned solely with paintings, walls, museums, or buildings at all. They sometimes use these things, but the point of their action is to stage new important conversations with friends and families, our communities and our world. A curator’s art is a precious resource that can be directed toward unified climate action.

We know changes are necessary to meet the challenges associated with climate change. But globally, we have not yet been able to gather the pressure to make sure the necessary changes are taken. We also know that each of us needs to connect with nature, to continue to have new experiences, stories and conversations that motivate us to move from helplessness to action. We believe that youth want to do this work.

Therefore, Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre welcomes applications from youth between the ages of 16 and 20 years of age who want to use their insights and feelings to instill a passion for change in others. Through the Young Curators for Climate Action Program, our team will offer new resources and supports to aid youth development as leaders, speakers, designers, and promoters. This is a unique opportunity for youth passionate about responding to climate change and seeks to help develop the participants’ ideas and skills so that youth voices are heard.

Full Program Outline

Session 1: Workshop on Imagination | April 2

Session 2: Curation Workshop from Conservation Council | May 7

Session 3: Environment and Society Workshop |  June 11

Session 4: Youth Directed Workshop | July 16

Session 5: Youth Curated Exhibit at Sunbury (In-Person) | August 29 – Sept 2

Final Exhibit & Celebration: Sept 2
If accepted, the registration fee is $500.

Need some financial help? We have bursaries! – APPLY HERE

Provisioned by Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, St. Andrews, NB.