2023 Fundy Film Festival

A Senior-Youth Video Project of short documentaries about Climate Change

POSTPONED to Saturday, September 23, 2023   2:00 PM

W. C. O’Neill Arena Theatre, St Andrews NB  |  FREE – All ages welcome!

The inaugural Fundy Film Festival, organized by Sunbury Shores, features The Art of Stewardship, three short docs created by teams of youth and seniors from Charlotte County. Working with New Brunswick film directors, Matt Brown, Lauchlan Ough, and Jeff Lively, the three teams wrote, filmed, and edited films based on global warming. The program will feature other short films that address global warming and environmental issues.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.

Noonhour Talk: Mushroom Diversity

Thursday, October 12, 12:30 pm

Exploring the mushroom diversity of New Brunswick
with Alfredo Justo, Ph.D., Curator of Botany and Mycology, NB Museum

Like in other parts of North America, many species of mushrooms occurring in New Brunswick are still waiting to be collected and described, and a good number of the supposedly common species are still hiding under incorrect European names or have not been yet named at all. In this talk, Dr. Justo will explore the mushroom research program conducted at the New Brunswick Museum, which highlights the great importance of collection-based research, and contributions from local groups of naturalists and citizen scientists. Website: (Photo attached: Hydnum atlanticum, a new species recently described from New Brunswick).

Noonhour Talk: Peskotomuhkati Elder

Thursday, October 26, 12:30 pm

Donald Soctomah, Peskotomuhkati Elder and Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Passamaquoddy Tribe, Indian Township, Maine

Dr. Soctomah is a Native American author, filmmaker, historian, and a former member of the Maine Legislature (1999-2011), highly respected for his achievements securing the passage of legislature to protect and safeguard Wabanaki culture.