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Film Stewardship Project: A Senior-Youth Video Project of short documentaries about Climate Change

On September 23, Sunbury Shores organized the inaugural Fundy Film Festival that featured The Art of Stewardship, three short docs created by teams of youth and seniors from Charlotte County. Working with New Brunswick film directors, Matt Brown, Lauchlan Ough, and Jeff Lively, the three teams wrote, filmed, and edited films based on global warming. This project is funded in part by the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors Program.
Team I – Project Village (4:10)
Filmmaker Mentor: Jeff Lively
Guest: Brianna Cowie, Eastern Charlotte Waterways
Vicki Smith
Theresa MacKnight
Bryan Clarke
Sadie McGinn
Mark Stewart
Team II – Part of the Solution (3:42)
Filmmaker Mentor: Lauchlan Ough
Guest scientist: Dr. Helen Gurney-Smith, St Andrews Biological Station
Walter Emrich
Brayden Stewart
Leigh Beaton
Lisa Malleck
Wayne Hitchcock
Abby MacLeod

Avec les sous-titres en français – cliquez ici

Team III – This is my shoreline (3:15)
Filmmaker Mentor: Matthew Brown
Guest: Alanna Morgan, Artist
Deb Farlow
Savelii Kostrikin
Ethan Cunningham
Ann Manuel
Henry Hanson
Q & A with Team III
Guest docs by Jeff Lively
Stewardship of the Land at Ross Ranch, for Environment Canada
Helpful Hoofs at Kingsbrae Garden, for Kingsbrae Gardens

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