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As a not-for-profit organization, we rely on memberships and donations to carry out high quality, year-round arts and nature programs!

When you become a supporter of the Sunbury Shores Arts & Nature Centre, you join the oldest arts & nature centre in Canada. And an active community of people who are committed to enriching life through the exploration and development of art, natural history, conservation, education and science. You contribute to a rich history of artistic excellence, expertise, education and community engagement. You enable experts in their fields to pass on knowledge in an engaging, hands-on learning environment and to embark on artistic research in world-class, professionally equipped studios.

With a commitment to excellence, Sunbury Shores has been a focal point and driver of fine arts, culture and development of the St. Andrews and surrounding Charlotte County communities since its inception in 1964, but we’re looking to push even further with innovative programming and contemporary artistic work.

Enjoy these Benefits as a Member!

  • A one-time discount on any of Sunbury Shores courses and workshops
  • Serendipin’ Arts – 15% off all of Ken Valens’ fine jewellery (
  • Kingsbrae Gardens – $2 off entry fee (
  • Fundy Discovery Aquarium – $2 off entry fee
  • Ministers Island – $2 off entry fee (
  • By-the-Sea Picture Framing – 20% off frames created for your treasures

Where art & nature collide.

Saint Andrews-by-the-Sea has been a thriving artists’ colony since the latter part of the 19th century, attracting artists from across Canada and the United States to capture and reflect on the powerful and ever-changing landscape that is the Bay of Fundy. We have enjoyed a rich history of working with visiting artists such as Molly Lamb Bobak, Bridget Toole Grant, Fred Ross, Tom Forrestall, and Ann Meredith Barry. Today we build on this history by engaging with emerging and established artists, researchers and naturalists from New Brunswick and beyond through exhibitions, workshops, special events, studio memberships and residencies. Sunbury Shores is a gathering space for anyone and everyone who seeks a connection with art and nature.

  • 12,000+ people have participated in our arts & nature courses.
  • 8,000+ children have participated in our educational programming.
  • 500+ artists have taught courses, including 12 Strathbutler Award winners and 21 members of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts.
  • 300+ exhibitions have been delivered in our professional galleries.