Children Learning Art at Sunbury Shores

Throughout the academic year, Sunbury Shores offers high-quality arts education to kids and teens in printmaking, jewellery, drawing, ceramics, stained glass, metalsmithing, visual arts, art history and more through the Children Learning Art at Sunbury Shores (CLASS) Program. This program is a partnership with the Vincent Massey Elementary School and Sir James Dunn Academy. Children learn from renowned arts instructors in a safe, supportive environment where their ideas and creative minds come first.

Sunbury Shores would like to thank our CLASS instructors: Chantal Vincent, Ruth Dunfield,  Sarah Doherty, Robert Van de Peer and Matt Watkins.

The CLASS Program is made possible solely through donations and grants including The Kiwanis Club of Saint Andrews and several individual donors. Thank you to our supporters.

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Art as a lens through which to view the world.

Developing visual literacy is a key component of becoming a successful, active citizen in today’s highly visual society. Through the CLASS program, students learn concepts of design, composition, form, techniques, materials and practices they would not otherwise access. Our curriculum includes ethics around copyright and sustainable/responsible sourcing of materials, as well as practical advice around building portfolios and applications for further studies at art institutions.  Senior students receive academic credits for their achievements.

Students learn creative problem solving, how to work collaboratively, and can understand and interpret the world around them with a new set of tools through arts learning. Each year, we see students go on to pursue careers in fine art and craft or to pursue the arts as a life-long passion.  Sunbury Shores also offers summer outreach to local and regional schools and organisations such as BGCCC as an extension of this program.

Every year Sunbury Shores are proud to exhibit the work of CLASS students.  See our Exhibitions page for dates.