Earth Fest

POSTPONED – Wed, Sept. 28, open to public – 6:30 – 8:30

Sunbury Shores will be hosting Canada’s first “EarthFest”!
EarthFest is a global initiative dedicated to bringing awareness to our interdependence with planet Earth and is a call to action to alter our relationship to one of healing and reverence.

Earth-centric activities and educational opportunities to learn more about our interdependence with Earth and all living beings. Activities are designed for all ages, from children to teens to adults.

Poetry Slam

A poetry slam is traditionally a competition for performance poetry, however, our intention is to dispense with the competitive aspect, and just make it fun.

Here’s how we see it working:

  • Each participant will read one or two short, Earth-based poems, using animated, performance-like mannerisms, to get the audience stirred up and participating.

  • The event will last about one-half hour, depending on how many poets participate.

  • Please consider participating! It should be fun!

  • Contact Angela at Sunbury Shores to sign up:

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