Opening Reception: Boissoneau and Choisy

Sunbury Shores 139 Water Street, St Andrews

Opening Reception, Friday, April 5, 5 - 7 pm Lisa Marie Boissoneau: Borrowed Roots This series of paintings draws upon family research, familial archives, and personal memory to create large format portraits that explore the many aspects of identity. The artist was born in Moncton to a single mother and adopted by a Catholic couple in Quebec.  The artist appropriates images, stories, links and sometimes even ancestors who become an important source of inspiration in her work. They connect her childhood to the present.   Rotchild Choisy: MASQU-ET-VISAGES : Comment naviguer dans ses relations  Through his artistic practice, Moncton-based artist Rotchild Choisy explores his quest for identity and the social, economic, and political relationships people have with their environment. From his point of view, it's impossible to understand and know another person without knowing oneself. In his work, he often uses expressive drawing; he also reinterprets Haitian and African symbolic figures to make a correlation between masks, emotions and the environment.